Who Am I Nickey Jersey?

Ever since I was a little girl, while others were enamored with plush toys and puppies, I found myself drawn to the world of scales, slithers, and the beautifully cold-blooded. My heart has always beat a little faster for reptiles, and over the years, my home transformed into what I fondly call my “urban jungle”.

In my little haven, I’ve cared for everything from the most vivid geckos to the most tranquil of pythons. Contrary to popular belief, every single one of these cold-blooded friends has shown a unique personality, challenging the stereotype that reptiles lack emotion or individuality.

With a desire to share my deep-rooted passion and the reservoir of knowledge I’ve accumulated, I created “Reptilfe”. It warms my heart to see how my blog has resonated with so many, offering detailed care guides, sharing the magic of reptile photography, and providing a window into my day-to-day life with these wonderful creatures.

But “Reptilfe” isn’t just about the joy of reptile ownership. Through my posts, I hope to enlighten readers about the various conservation challenges our reptilian friends face and the vital importance of responsible pet care. The dark realm of illegal wildlife trade is something I passionately advocate against.

With a heart warmed daily by the glow of heat lamps and the love of my reptile family, I aim to be a beacon for all things related to our scaly companions. My journey is proof that love and passion can truly reshape perceptions and create a world more understanding and kind. Welcome to “Reptilfe”, the chronicles of a girl and her reptiles.